Carni Sostenibili “Endorser” of the Protein PACT

Carni Sostenibili is now an official “Endorser” of the Protein Pact. But what is it? Let’s get to know this great new international alliance for animal proteins.

Human has always relied on animals to produce the food he needs. Today we depend on them more than ever to obtain the proteins and nutrients the world’s population needs. The demand for these precious resources increases daily, and along its journey from field to table, food impacts land, air and water. This is why producing meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products using less land, water, and energy has never been so important.

For this purpose, the Protein PACT – For the People, Animals and Climate of Tomorrow was born. The PACT is an international alliance between the largest organizations in the animal proteins field that join in the greatest effort ever seen to produce nutritious food for all, respecting animal welfare, the land, the water and the air. All this protects the work of the people employed in the livestock sector. In short, a pact for the populations, the animals and the climate of tomorrow. In one single word: sustainability.

Through the Protein PACT, companies and organizations in meat and dairy production, animal feed, etc., work together to make the animal source food more sustainable and available to future generations, which will continue to benefit from good food and balanced nutrition.

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To achieve this vision, partner organizations (including now Carni Sostenibili, which recently became an “Endorser” of this initiative) work together to define and achieve ambitious goals, align with global goals and commit to communicating efforts proactively and transparently. Meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products are the main sources of high-quality animal protein and essential nutrients that cannot be missing in a healthy diet: farmers and processors are central to ensuring the continuity of the production of these foods.

The objectives of the Protein PACT range from guaranteeing balanced diets and feeding as many people as possible to providing the highest number of jobs, from upholding the highest standards of animal welfare to strengthening the commitment of farmers, breeders and processors in saving energy and water and keeping a healthy and fertile soil, until the implementation of all supporting practices in the transition to the much-desired (in the EU) climate neutrality.

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) stands out as the project leader among all Pact’s partner organisations. NAMI is committed to giving impetus to each of the project’s five areas of interest: environment and planet, animal welfare, work and human rights, food safety, health and well-being. NAMI is also tasked with measuring the environmental impact of all members according to standard indicators and metrics and verifying the progress made in achieving the goals planned by 2025 and 2030.

Through @TheProteinPACT, the @MeatInstitute creates a #database with data from #meat companies, to have the first set of #data that transparently reveals and evaluates the status of each company in the sector to improve them. Click To Tweet

In practice, through the Protein PACT, NAMI creates for the first time a database with all the data of meat companies, to have the first data set ever that reveals and evaluates with transparency the status of each company in the sector, to guide it to improve itself and to achieve the common goals set.

Their first 2022 report, with the first data set, marked a milestone in this path of continuous improvement for all members involved in this initiative. The spirit is to publicly show and verify progress towards common goals in the five areas of the Global Sustainability Framework, promoting and implementing best practices to fill gaps and address weaknesses.

A further demonstration of the commitment of the entire livestock sector and the strength of an international network. Carni Sostenibili is very pleased to be a part of it.

The "Sustainable Meats" Project aims to identify the key topics, the state of knowledge and the most recent technical scientific trends, with the aim of showing that meat production and consumption can be sustainable, both for health and for the environment.