Meats and cured meats: how much do you really know?

The Italian zootechnical model is an example of sustainability worldwide. But how much do you really know about Italian meats and cured meats?

To reiterate this increasingly important concept, in a planet that by the middle of this century will host more than nine billion people eager (and in need) to have a complete and balanced diet, The Sustainable Meat Project has prepared a concise and updated summary version of the report “The sustainability of meats and cured meats in Italy“. You can browse it freely below, hoping that it will be widespread especially where the misinformation circulating on the production and consumption of meat and cured meats creates confusion and uncertainties.

The work of collecting and summarizing various scientific studies that over the years has allowed the preparation of some technical reports, has led to the publication of the text published by the Italian publisher Franco Angeli: a complete scientific tool, enriched with sources and updated information, for anyone interested in starting a fair debate on the “meat” issue free from ideologies and prejudices. The document below represents a summary of the report.

The "Sustainable Meats" Project aims to identify the key topics, the state of knowledge and the most recent technical scientific trends, with the aim of showing that meat production and consumption can be sustainable, both for health and for the environment.